Liquimat Acne Lotion


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Elegant, medicated, acne rosacea fighting foundation makeup. Treats acne with 4% sulfur. Water-based, oil-free formulation is tint-adjustable with Color Matcher™ for a subtle cover up.

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Fighting Foundation

Liquimat is a medicated makeup foundation that makes a difference for those suffering from moderate to severe acne rosacea. Most makeup does nothing for your skin and acne rosacea related conditions. Liquimat is an oil-free and water-based medicated makeup for acne rosacea-prone skin and will help you look your best by providing an acne-fighting foundation that provides sulfur for acne and rosacea treatment.

Liquimat acne lotion will help you look your best by containing a generous and effective amount of 4% sulfur.

Does Your Makeup Work for You?

Is your makeup part of your acne treatment, or is it part of the problem? At best, your makeup is non-comedogenic (doesn’t cause acne). At worst, your makeup may be responsible for some or many of your pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. Liquimat works hard to heal current pimples and prevent new ones with the application of sulfur for acne treatment. This cover-up lotion is also effective at reducing symptoms of rosacea along with helping treat acne. Liquimat medium acne lotion is tint-adjustable to match your skin tone and is one of the best oil-free medicated makeup products to treat acne rosacea symptoms.

Looking Good is Easy with Liquimat!

Liquimat acne lotion is a medicated makeup and hard-working sulfur for acne and rosacea. The active agent in Liquimat is 4% sulfur, a gentle yet effective acne rosacea fighting medication. Sulfur is a common and effective ingredient to fight acne. It is so gentle that it is recommended for patients who are sensitive or allergic to benzoyl peroxide.

Liquimat Includes Color-Matched Makeup that Heals Your Skin Behind the Scenes

Liquimat includes Color Matcher™, a concentrated, liquid tint created to match your individual skin tone.  Add a few drops of Color Matcher to Liquimat to create a slightly darker shade.  Add several more drops to make the shade even darker.

To look better now and later, replace your non-medicated makeup with Liquimat!  Not only is it a wonderful cover-up for acne, it also works to heal and prevent acne from occurring later.

Choosing an Acne Product

Liquimat: Primarily a makeup with acne medication.

Rezamid: A stronger acne medication, but also makeup.

Both Liquimat and Rezamid are tint-adjustable so you can make them match your skin tone!

Applying Liquimat Acne Lotion

After cleansing your skin thoroughly with a gentle cleanser, apply a thin layer of  Liquimat to the affected area 1 to 3 times daily. Use up to 3 times daily or as directed by your doctor. If dryness or peeling occurs, reduce the frequency of application to once a day or every other day.

Liquimat Acne Lotion Ingredients

Active Ingredients:

4% Sulfur

What Causes Acne

Acne happens when your hair follicles become clogged with debris like oil and dead skin. It’s usually associated with the hormonal shifts that accompany adolescence and puberty but can often appear during other stages of life, clear skin forever isn’t always in the cards for all of us, acne is a very common thing and breakouts affect us all.  Your sensitivity to acne could also be genetic.

In addition to being uncomfortable, acne comes with an unfortunate social stigma. Some people who suffer from acne have reported that their quality of life has been affected. Some acne sufferers report low self-esteem and social anxiety, that interfere with their ability to live each day to the fullest.

Whether you’re suffering from acne or another skin condition, we have products to help manage and treat a variety of conditions. If you have any questions about our products or what we treat, contact us today.

129 reviews for Liquimat Acne Lotion

  1. GaryDL

    I have been a user of Liquimat for over 40 years – it has been made by other pharmaceutical firms in the past and is a relatively recent addition to Summers Labs roster of fine products. I started using it on the recommendation of my dermatologist when I was being treated for acne in my late teens (back in the late 1960s/early 1970s!). I am over 60 now and still use it. It covers blemishes nicely, hastens their departure, and is practically invisible. What’s more, the bottle lasts about a year with daily use! I highly recommend it – it just works without the hype and gazillion dollar advertising campaigns (and high price) of its competitors!

  2. Grandma Lins

    I am almost 72 and a light complected woman. I have used Liquimat for 25 or more years. When I was younger I would use it on a small break-out that I would have hear and there, and as I got older I started using it kind of like “spot’ make- up. That is all I use on my face and I use it every day. Medium is about the right color for me. In the past I could purchase this product at the chain drug store, Longs, however no one carries it anymore and the drug store for special needs items (wheel ch airs, braces,etc.) encouraged me to buy it on-line, which I did. thank you!

  3. Big M

    I suffered from acne as a teenager and into my twenties, and had gotten liquimat initially through my dermatologist. It helped the acne and also provided good concealing coverage at the same. While I no longer break out with acne, I still have oily skin. I then found out I could order liquimat directly from summers lab. I currently use this product as a spot concealer for any spot skin imperfections on my oily skin. While I have tried makeup concealers, many of them are either greasy and actually cause breakouts, don’t cover well, or don’t last after a couple of hours.

  4. Bren

    I have been using Liquimat for close to 50 years! It is the best drying agent I have ever found and I rely on it to dry up any blemish that pops up—anywhere on my body! It also now includes a tint that allows me to match my skin tone which allows me to use it as a cover-up for blemishes, black-heads around my nose area and so on. If I have any redness, I reach for Liquimat to cover it up. It is a product that I have relied on since my acne teen years, and it continues to help when I may need it today as a senior gal. Liquimat was originally given to me by a dermatologist to treat my teen acne. I also like that I can call the company, order Liquimat, and they send it on to me.

  5. Not for me

    I didn’t really like it. Great for mattifying and oil control, but the color tone is bad. No matter how much tint matcher you mix in, your face just looks like a shade of calamine lotion pink; the stuff used for poison ivy. You guys need a more natural looking tint matcher; yellow, beige, tan, brown tones.

  6. Mountain Skier

    I have used Liquimat off and on since I was a teenager with acne issues. In my young adult years I couldn’t find the product so used numerous makeup foundations including Clinique. Then all of a sudden I found Liquimat at a drug store so have been using it ever since for my foundation. It’s soft, good for the skin, covers well, and fends off blemishes so I’ll never go back to a “commercial” name brand product. Plus, I now order it online. I’m 69 years old.

  7. nwbeach

    I have been using Liquimat since I was in high school. That was a long time ago so I asked my dermatologist if I should still be using it and she said, if it works for you then keep using it. It “neutralizes” my oily skin and even now if I see a potential break out I put a dab on the spot at night. I only use Liquimat once a day, in the morning. I wish it had sun screen in it. I use it daily, like make-up. So glad I can buy it on line as it is hard to find in the stores. Still working for me after 50 years!

  8. WntrPkgrl

    I’ve been using Liquimat medium for about 30 years and really, I just can’t live without it. I have oily skin and the only product that takes care of the issue is this one. I’ve tried other things but always come right back to Liquimat. It absorbs the oil and leaves my face smooth and with a matte finish, Most of the time I need nothing else – no liquid or powder makeup. After many hours I may need a touch-up with my powder compact, that’s all. I really can’t be without this product, what else can I say?

  9. Sad Jack

    I have used Liquimat in the Light shade for many years. Recently the light shade was no longer available. As the Medium shade is too dark for me, I will no longer be able to wear Liquimat. I wish Summer Labs offered an additive I could use to lighten to make the Medium shade lighter, but I was told, when I called, that there is no way to lighten the Medium shade. It’s an excellent product, but no longer works for me.

  10. Elizabeth

    Have used Liquimat for 48 years – began as the only make-up my Mother would allow me to use. Then I stopped using it and now, my dermatologist recommends to help with the rosacea and adult acne/ cystic acne. Daily, I still use another high end liquid makeup (full coverage), but I use Liquimat on a small lip brush to lessen the red spots showing through. I use the product right out of the bottle – no tints needed – a perfect match. This product dries fast and works. I will continue to have this product in my arsenal.

  11. CSB1

    I have been using Liquimat as a coverup makeup for acne for well over 30 years. I used to have it special ordered by my pharmacy, until I saw I can order it myself online.

  12. Brooklyn

    This product is really great. I’ve used it for some time now. A dermatologist recommended that I try it for acne cover-up. It really covers blemishes and never dries out my skin. Although I do not have active break-outs recently I do have pock marks from years of suffering before discovering Liquimat. I use this product daily instead of face makeup and it covers the marks beautifully. So glad I found I can order this product directly instead of having to wait for a drugstore to do so. Ordered online and there it was in my mailbox. No hassle!

  13. Cecil

    I have had oily skin since my teens and as I have aged now into my 70’s the oil has remained. To deal with the oil on my face and nose and control the redness and skin problems, I keep Liquimat on every day and also after bathing at night so it is always on my face. Liquimat has been a God Send for me and keeps my skin clear and looking good. This is a wonderful product.

  14. Longtime User

    I have been using this produce for almost 50 years. Once had a dermatologist tell me that my skin never would get better unless I used Liquimat every day. He pretty much hit the nail on the head — and I have been using it ever since. At one point I could get it through a pharmacy — but when I had problems with that, I just started ordering it directly from SumLab.

  15. Ann14

    I have acne and I have tried every makeup product out there and nothing worked like this. The other products would plug up my pores, but this product actually is medicated to help with my acne and at the same time makes my face look naturally acne free. I would recommend this for anyone who has acne.

  16. Lynda from Kansas

    This is THE only OTC acne product on the market that actually reduces the oil in the facial pores and then continues to control acne outbreaks. I began using Liquimat when it was a “prescription only” product at the age of 19 years old, I am now 71 and continue to use it as a daily cover-up the same as I would makeup, even using blush with it as well. At this age, I certainly am not using anything else. Thank you for continuing to manufacture Liquimat, a product that actually does what it says it will do!!

  17. klauberkid

    I had purchased Liquimat Light for years until it was discontinued. I still have the remnants of a few bottles that are years expired but still are effective. Please reconsider making the “light” color and just give the colorant pack to customers to make their own tone.

  18. cbm123

    I’ve been using this product for 30 years. While it is a bit tricky to mix the the right amount of color to match one’s skin tone, the product goes on very nicely and doesn’t look greasy. It has a drying quality which is nice when a person has oily skin.

  19. marcet

    Liquimat controls oily skin and helps to clear up acne. It covers up blemishes and flaws. The only drawback is that it used to come in a Light shade. That was just right for me. I use the Medium but it shows a bit.

  20. Beverly

    I am 66 years old and I have been using this product since I was a teenager! Great drying lotion & cover for blemishes!

  21. Dottie

    I have been using Liquimat Medium for adult acne with good results for more years than I can remember. I also find mixing 1/2 Liquimat with 1/4 Rezamid helps to head off any potential breakouts before they appear. The color matching packets are helpful although I would prefer to have two packets per bottle of Liquimat because I often find that one packet isn’t enough if a person is mixing up several products. Calling and asking for additional packets to be included in an order has been found to be a good alternative when desired. Liquimat and Rezamid are silky and go on easily with no heavy makeup feeling. Try Liquimat and Rezamid and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much better your skin looks, and when you look good, you feel better about yourself as well!All products have always arrived in good condition and in a timely manner.

  22. Smax

    Liquimat is the most amazing medicated cover-up make-up lotion, one could ever purchase. I started using this make-up in high school and now 40 years later, I am still loving the results on my face. I receive many compliments on my skin and face! This product has been a “life changing” experience for me, as I suffered from ACNE
    in my earlier years, and now have a wonderful complexion. Liquimat on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 15 plus!!!!

  23. Bonnie1949

    Started using Liquimat when I had acne as a young teen. It covered great without looking thick and dried up my acne. I have relied on it for the past 55 years to make my skin look smooth and not greasy. I had oily skin and as I have aged I worried I would need to find a makeup that worked for my drier complexion. Nope. Liquimat has been my only foundation. I’ve never used any other product this long and been this pleased!

  24. brina

    I like this product because it hides red bumps and spots while helping to heal them. I do NOT like putting a greasy covering product on that is going to give me more trouble. I dont use makeup all over so this is perfect since I can match it to my skin and cover the breakouts only.
    Not worrying about it breaking me out and causing any type of scarring from that is a blessing. very helpful product.

  25. TFran

    My daughter has bad acne and has tried everything under the sun other then Accutane and she refused to go on such a strong medication like Accutane! She also tried every make up / cover up product too! This has been the best product we have tried for her and she is very happy with out come! It does dry your skin up but moisturizer etc helps with that situation! Hight recommend this product!

  26. Lori18

    I’ve applied this for a couple of days. Haven’t noticed any new breakouts after wearing, so far. I do notice that it rubs off easily. Today I used a “sealer” spray after applying makeup. I also used a makeup brush to apply. I find it lays it on kinda heavy. I’m 50 years old and have oily skin with hormonal acne around my chin,cheeks, jaw line and neck. I hope this stuff helps with that.

  27. ivpatty

    I have used this product for the past 55 years and found no other that matches its results and ease of use. It covers well and prevents breakouts. I have spoken with customer service of several occasions and they have been courteous and very accommodating to my requests. I have purchased Liquimat in pharmacies and more recently, for convenience, directly from the company by mail order.

  28. No Name

    Believe it or not, I first used this product when I was in either High School or College, and that was in the 1970s. Seriously. I have been buying it ever since! It is wonderful as a nightime treatment for drying blemishes, or during the day as a cover or underneath other base makeup. If you only need it now and then, it lasts a long time. Well worth the price, I highly recommend it!!

  29. Diane DG

    I have used Liquimat for several decades now. I have extremely oily skin and super sensitive to most commercial makeups. This is the only base that does not break me out, keeps my oily skin in check although not drying it out, and keeps the occasional pimple from showing up. I used to get this as a prescription and once I was able to get it online, I have never stopped.

  30. PeekaBoo

    Repeat purchase, I use Liquimat for days when breakouts are minimal and Rezamid for more prominent acne. It works well both in drying spots and in coverage, and fortunately for me the color works straight (no mixing tint). It also blends well mixed with a bit of sunscreen and applied as an all-over lotion, and just a bit of powder keeps it in place all day.

  31. Christy

    I have used Liquimat since my teen years and I am now retired 🙂 ! That’s a lot of years!!! I absolutely love it and wear it as my face ‘makeup’. It keeps my oily skin under control. The ‘Medium’ color works well for me. I have turned some friends onto the product over the years and they all love it too! Thanks for a Great product!!!

  32. Dawn J

    I first tried Liquimat when I was 16 years old and had acne. Now, 40 years later, I am still a loyal customer! A “no shine” finish that stays all day! Tip: Use “color match” tube included sparingly- a little goes a long way. I am caucasian and do not even use the tube. But, for darker complexions, you can get a perfect match!

  33. Diane 1226

    I’ve been using Liquimat since I was 13. I’m 69 now. I have been “ blessed” with very oily skin. I have no wrinkles, but I do have a very shiny face. Liquimat is the only coverup that doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a mask. It covers up minor blemishes and I can’t tell you how many people complement me on my skin – even now!

  34. Ann14

    The product works wonderful. It covers my acne plus medicates to get rid of them at the same time. It doesn’t clog up my pores like other make up, so I don’t break out. It makes my face look like I am not wearing makeup at all due to the perfect blending of my skin tone. I would recommend this product for people with acne.

  35. Jojo

    I LOVE your products! I am 64yo. And have been using Liquimat since I was 16. The company has changed but fortunately the product formula has not. I recently started using Sebabsorb also, since my skin is very oily. I mix a dot of it with either the Liquimat or Rezamid and I have great results! Thank you, JoAnn

  36. TCMar

    I first purchased this product over 35 years ago for minor acne, and have used it almost every day since then as a makeup foundation. It doesn’t dry out my skin, or clog my pores. It’s light weight and comfortable to wear all day. My daughter also uses it. Don’t know what I’d do if they ever stop making it.

  37. Apr-63

    My dermatologist gave me a sample of Liquimat several years ago and provided the information how to purchase from Summers Lab if I liked it. I have been using this product to treat and prevent acne since that time. Great results! Have recommended to several friends and family members over the years.

  38. Barbie

    I’ve used Liquimat since way back in the 70s. Initially prescribed by a dermatologist, it’s been available without a prescription for quite a while now. Every now and then I’ll have a tiny breakout and Liquimat works better than any other product on the market, including high-end expensive ones!

  39. 4sunshine

    I started using Liquimat when I was a preteen as a cover up and acne drying product. Now about 50 years later I still use it daily to cover little red or discolored spots, and to dry the occasional pimple. It has been a part of my routine for so long, and hope to always have it available.

  40. Terri M

    I’ve been using Liquimat for 35+ years (no joke) as a makeup foundation. It’s light weight and has good coverage. I use a little bit of water and a makeup sponge to apply for even coverage. Hope they never discontinue this product! I hate the store bought heavy liquid foundations, yuck.

  41. jrmneed

    I’ve been using Liquimat for close to 50 years now. Used as a teen on breakouts. I remember being able to buy it at the local pharmacy and had many different skin tone colors to choose from. I am so glad I can still purchase this product as it is the only thing I can use on my face.

  42. Bonnie 48

    I discovered Liquimat when I was 14 and struggling with acne. It covered up my blemishes and made my skin look great while drying up the acne. At 70 years old I’m still using it as my foundation. Haven’t had acne for years, but it still works great as a non-greasy make up! I love it!

  43. JMNeed

    I have been using this since the early 1970s. I could buy it at a local drugstore then. Soon I had to order through a pharmacy, now I can order t directly online. This product is a great concealer and stays put all day. Not oily or too thick. Hope they never stop making this!

  44. Bellamcwilli

    I bought this after a lifetime of trying every over the counter acne medicine and acne friendly foundation known to man. I saw results right away. It doesn’t clog my pores. Stays matte all day long. Even in extreme humidity. I can’t say enough about this product. Never switching.

  45. Jann

    I’ve been using Liquimat (medium shade) for years. It’s effective as a medication and as a cover-up for problem spots. It comes with a color packet for darker skin shades. The product has a pleasant fragrance, and it lasts for a long time so it’s a good value for the price.

  46. Debrann

    My local pharmacist recommended the product when I was about 15 & I’ve always had a bottle or two on hand ever since. At 59, I still use it on a daily basis to even out skin tone before leaving the house. Very effective cover-up while treating occasional break outs as well

  47. SUSU


  48. 4sunshine

    I have used this product since grade school, as an acne treatment and cover up then, and now at 65 mostly just as a spot cover up. It has such a nice smooth, non-oily texture, and always blends in well. The bottle lasts a long time. I hope it will always be available!

  49. Brooke

    This has been my family’s hidden secret weapon against acne for as long as I can remember. My father grew up using it and passing this amazing product down to me. I don’t even wear face makeup anymore. I just apply a little Liquimat where it’s needed and I’m good to go

  50. Sassy45

    I’ve been using this product since I was a teenager, which is too long ago to even remember. I haven’t found anything better for problem skin than this foundation. Even if you have to turn it over to yet another pharmaceutical company, please never stop making it.

  51. ChattyCathy

    This makeup is a life changer for people with oily skin. Regular makeup just floats to the top of my face with all the oil my face produces in just a few hours at work. Now I have great makeup coverage and this does not clog my pores like regular make up does.

  52. teddygirl

    I have been using liquamat for about 30 years, and it is my go to every day. I don’t know what I would do without it as it not only covers great, but heals too! The color matcher turns the color into my perfect shade.Thanks for keeping this product on the market!

  53. Shlenk

    I have been using your Liquimat product for 30+ years. I don’t really use make up. With Liquimat, you can use a little for coverage for day and it works great. At night if I have a stubborn area, I put on for over night. Great product. Don’t change a thing.

  54. Judy111

    I have used this product for approximately 40 years. I like that you can choose the color depth you want. One can be used for summer and one can be used for winter. It covers nicely without feeling you have a heavy coat on. It has a drying effect.

  55. SUZY

    I use the LIQUIMAT as a make-up because even at 69 i have oily skin.It is v light ,covers well and just easy to wash off..As a youngester growing up i had problem skin and now using this when going out is another way of avoiding breakouts.

  56. Deenie

    Not only does it heal acne and breakouts, it covers so well with the color matcher included with the product. I have been using this for over 50 years and it is wonderful for young and old alike. Great company and customer service also.

  57. Golly

    I have used Liquimat for many years as a touch-up and wouldn’t consider using any thing else. The fact that it doesn’t have an oily base allows it to stay put so it lasts all day. It’s an added benefit that it is good for your skin.

  58. People

    I started using Liquimat on the advice of my dermatologist. I have been using it for years. Other makeup was causing me to break out. I wear Liquimat everyday. It gives great coverage and feels like I am not even wearing any makeup.

  59. cbl62

    I have been using liquimat since I was in college and I am now 62 years old. My college room mate, who was under the care of a dermatologist at the time, used this product. I began using it then and have continued to do so.

  60. Lisser

    I love this product. I have been using it for years, when I first started using it I thought it came in a compact cake like form but not sure if it was this one exactly I was a teenager and my mom had it and I used hers.

  61. FlowerShopGirl

    I have used Liquimat for 40 years to hide blemishes. Yes, I still get them. It is the best, comes in different shades, and the bottle last for a very long time. Please never stop making/selling Liquimat!

  62. RosyB

    Have used this product for 10 plus years and it is GREAT!!! Recommend to anyone for cover-up/make-up for women….it’s truly all you’ll ever need!!

  63. donna

    I have used this product since I was a teenager. It was good for my young, oily skin then and still serves when I need a coverup on my older, drier skin. Hope you will never stop manufacturing it!

  64. Liza 1

    Bought this,and have been using for over 50 years,ever since my dermatologist recommended it when I was in high school. Can wear it as a makeup; I usually put it on at night as a night treatment.

  65. cattym

    Have used this product for over 30 years. Works beautifully. It’s a little difficult to get the exact color to match my complexion but otherwise it works great on my face and feels good.

  66. RosyB

    EXCELLENT PRODUCT THAT I HAVE USED FOR OVER 15 YEARS!! I use instead of makeup and it’s an awesome cover!! Keep this product in stock, because I will continue using it indefinitely !!!

  67. jimbobp

    I’ve used Liquimat for over 20 years! As an adult with acne, I find Liquimat works extremely well without drying your skin. The Medium tint is perfect for a fair skin complexion.

  68. Daniel

    I have been using this product for over 20 years and cannot do with it. Keep making it. But I did like the Creamy Beige. But medium works well too because of the color additive

  69. Lisa L

    Having used Liquimat Medium for many years, I can share that it controls shine and covers imperfections quite well. ona barely damp (with water) face, it spreads evenly.

  70. Janice

    Been using this product for over 50 years. It works great and is especially good as a light make up in hot humid weather if you have oily skin or are prone to breakouts.

  71. Chris05

    I have been using this make-up for most of my adult life. Great coverage, doesn’t dry out your skin, helps reduce oiliness, lovely color. Hope it is always available!

  72. BruceB

    I’ve been using Liquimat for many years. Although I am now an older adult, there can still be the occasional breakout, but Liquimat always comes to the rescue!

  73. Carola

    The Liquimat I ordered came promptly, which is important to me. Also, the price is better than ordering from Amazon. I have been using Liquimat for 40 years.

  74. EMA20

    Product easy to use, comfortable, attractive and lasts well during the day. Customer service excellent too as came to the rescue when courier let me down.

  75. Jeannie

    Been using since my early twenties. I am now 70 yrs old. Recommend by my dermatogist when I had acne. My daughters use it too. We highly recommend.

  76. Desdrumm

    I love Liquidmat because I use it as my skin treatment and my foundation. Being able to adjust the shade makes it an excellent product all year round!

  77. Wink

    Have used this product for years and have never found a better spot concealer…and it heals as it conceals. Only wish “light” was still available.

  78. Grandma BB

    I have been using Liquimat since I was a teenager and I am now 67 yrs. old! I use it to help cover up my blemishes and my skin looks so much better.

  79. 5 angels

    I have been using Liquimat forever. It is a wonderful make-up, good for your skin, provides great coverage and is gentle enough for everyday use.

  80. kshlenkva

    I have had acne all my life. I have used Liquimat for over 30 years. I don’t use real make-up. This is all I use to keep the acne under control.

  81. Julia

    Use as base for sensitive skin. No substitute … it’s easy to apply and remove … softer look. No other product compares. Thank you Liquimat!

  82. pam61

    I recommend this product to everyone. Nothing works better. I get compliments on my complexion all the time due to me using this product.

  83. gsp1

    Been using this product for years. Only one I’ve found on the market (and after consultation with my Derm). Please don’t stop making it!!

  84. Sunshine

    Been using for years!
    It’s gotten more expensive, but will last for a long time.
    I use on spot-on break outs and it dries them till gone

  85. KathyVa

    I have used this produce from Summer Labs for 30+ years. I still get adult acne sometimes and I use it daily. At night I use it also.

  86. Sue W

    I was introduced to this product by my mother in law back in the early 80’s and have used ever since. I use it as my liquid foundation.

  87. Mary Lou

    I have used this product for quite some time. It is a very good cover up for skin blemishes and also I use it for my basic makeup.

  88. TJ123

    Came quicker than I thought and works just as good as it did years ago thanks for not changing the thing. Kind of pricey though.

  89. heres2ears

    Have been using it for years. It is the best and healthiest makeup ever!
    Recommended it to my children, both sons and daughters.

  90. Mummy Dearest

    I have used this product for years and years. it blends well and I do not need to add any of the color medium that is provided.

  91. Bkibe

    I love this makeup & I grew up wearing it, unfortunately I don’t like the tint of the makeup. Not everyone is a rose tint.

  92. Di Job

    I have bought Liquimat for years and rely on it. I just wish it was more available in stores near me as it was years ago.

  93. Nancy

    It is great for drying up pimples !!! I have used it for years and did not know it was still available.So glad it is.

  94. writerhelen

    This product quickly dries up a flare of acne. It can be tinted to match your coloring. Its potency lasts for years.

  95. jdoe

    I have used Liquidmat for years but it is no longer available in stores so was very happy to find it here!

  96. baskita

    The Liquimat is like the old rezamid. The rezimid seems watered down and does not stick or work properly

  97. Pimples

    It’s the Best product for drying up any acne issue, years ago you couldn’t get without a prescription!!

  98. Daniel J

    I have been using this product for over 30 years and its still the best coverup for my skin on my face

  99. Robin

    I have used this since the late 1960’s. It works perfect for me. I am 71 and still use it every day.

  100. dmoder311

    Started using this when I was 17 yrs old and now I am 68 so its the best cover make-up ever!

  101. vennerb

    i loved this product in the light shade but is no longer available. Please bring it back

  102. Casey

    Have been using this product for over 35 years/ Was recommended by my dermatologist.

  103. Marnie 1

    I apply Liquidmat morning and night to my breakouts, and it helps them heal quickly.

  104. pam1

    I have been using this product for years. I highly recommend this if you have acne.

  105. loyal user

    Have been using Liquimat for years. Nothing absorbs oil and heals blemishes better.

  106. Marnie

    …I have been using Liquimat…fantastic way to help your skin AND look terrific!

  107. Anonymous

    I have been using these products for close to 50 years, and think they’re great.

  108. Cecil

    Effective acne control and improves appearance – effective and easy to use

  109. Sammy

    Started using it for breakouts. I wear it everyday now, 30 years.

  110. lamagabai

    Ive used this product for many years and have been very pleased

  111. Jamiej

    I love that I can wear it as a primer and it has some coverage.

  112. Sue Q

    I have been using liquimat for many years would recommend it.

  113. lm16

    Been using this product for over 30 years because it works

  114. James (verified owner)

    Liquimat has served me as a soothing and effective drying agent, mercifully flesh-tinted, to help dry out and heal stubborn acneform lesions. I find it useful on occasion with a bit of hydrocortisone cream. When a local pharmacy discontinued Liquimat, I was delighted to find it still available online.

  115. Judy H. (verified owner)

    Great experience!

  116. Diane Garland (verified owner)

  117. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Best product on the market

  118. Anonymous (verified owner)

  119. Freisy Baez (verified owner)

  120. Elizabeth (verified owner)

  121. darrell r. (verified owner)

    EXCELLENT product that I can’t live without!!
    Please continue to provide me with this great product!
    Have been ordering for many years, it’s wonderful!

  122. Dale Memory (verified owner)

  123. Judy Pardonnet (verified owner)

  124. Judith Skibsted (verified owner)

    I have been using Liquimat for about 50 years now. It is the BEST for covering large pores on my nose and cheeks, and making my face look smooth and clear. I like the fact that they send a color tube with it so I can darken it to the Facial color I like. A little more Tan in the Summertime. It’s also nice that when a Product Works, that they continue to make it. Don’t ever stop making this Liquimat. It’s a Fantastic Product !

  125. Pamela Lawlor (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for years and I am always getting compliments on what nice skin I have.

  126. Wendy L. (verified owner)

  127. Demetria Rossetti (verified owner)

  128. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’m nearly 72 and have been using Liquimat since I was a young teen. There’s no other product that conceals acne imperfections while drying/healing. I use Liquimat to help my skin when I’m home on weekends and as a base under make-up when leaving for work. Liquimat has been a part of my skin-care routine for decades and I’m thankful for this product since I wasn’t gifted with perfect skin.

  129. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service. Have used this product for many years.

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